In less than a month Christmas will have crept up on us once again, and the family will be ready to gather in your home, ready to unwrap presents, enjoy a Christmas dinner and sit cosily in front of the TV. So, why not go the extra mile this year to make sure the family are in an extra clean, extra fresh and extra comfy environment? Here are 5 reasons you should have your carpets professionally cleaned for Christmas…

Believe it or not, a grubby appearance is the least of your problems when a carpet becomes dirty. As the amount of soil and dust increases, as does the number of dust-mites, germs and bacteria. And, whilst these little house guests are typically invisible to the naked eye, they can actually be pretty harmful for yourself, your pets and your children. These little nasties are a problem in particular for allergy sufferers, or those suffering from things like asthma. Dust-mites alone can lay up to 80 eggs at a time, so it’s a good idea to keep their favourite grubby habitat as clean as possible to keep them out.

When we host at Christmas, we want the family to feel comfortable and settled. This is something that’s much easier to achieve when the carpet is looking clean, feeling soft and smelling fresh. You may hoover regularly, but over time, carpets can absorb odours from dirt, spillages and, yes… feet.The damp smell of feet on Christmas Day just doesn’t quite live up to the expectations of fresh mince pies and mistletoe, which brings us on to reason number 3…

When Christmas Day arrives, as does the family, chirpy and cheerful in the Christmas spirit. There’s no doubt that when we think of Christmas Day, we imagine ourselves sitting in a warm, cosy environment, soaking in the scent of the Christmas tree and candles that surround us. We most certainly don’t imagine ourselves sat on a dull, dark and dirty carpet that smells a bit like damp feet. In the same way a clean working environment improves the mood and productivity of staff, a clean home has a similar effect. With feet rested on a bright, spongey carpet, family members can relax and feel at home, instead of finding a good excuse to leave early and moan about the state of your carpet on the drive home.

Most of us can agree that carpets aren’t exactly cheap. In fact, they’re pretty expensive, which is a good enough reason to want to get the most out of your investment and have your carpets last longer.When you hoover, not all dirt is picked up by the vacuum. A lot of dirt becomes trodden into the carpet, embedded within the fibres and out of reach of the hoover. This dirt quickly hardens, forming a layer of tough grit beneath the surface of the carpet. Not only does this result in a darker, duller appearance, it also results in damage. The dirt grinds away at the deep fibres of the carpet as it’s repeatedly trodden on, which can cause matting and thinning of the carpet’s fibres. So, it’s a good idea to have your carpets cleaned professional every 12-18 months.

Spillages happen, especially in a family home that contains children and/or pets. And, whilst most spills are reasonably easy to get rid of, there’s the occasional stain which just won’t budge. Whether it’s red wine, coffee, blackcurrant or something worse – it isn’t going to look great in the Christmas pictures taken whilst the kids are opening their presents.Store-bought stain removal products aren’t always as effective as they make out, as you’ve probably discovered. But, using a thorough carpet cleaning method and professional carpet cleaning equipment, a trained technician can make quick work of the toughest of stains.

Reasons you should get your carpets cleaned for Christmas

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