LCCS offer a caring, sensitive and discrete de-cluttering and hoarded house clearance & deep cleaning service, including the removal and disposal of accumulated possessions, rubbish and clutter from the home of a hoarder whether deceased or still occupying a property in the most sensitive and private manner.

Compulsive Hoarding Clearance Specialists. 

Whether the householder is still alive and living in the property, or sadly they may be deceased, you have the task of clearing/cleaning their home and we are able to help. LCCS deals with all enquiries with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

We carry out house clearances for affected individuals such as hoarders and people who have been unable to manage in their homes. We work with local authorities, private clients and law firms in many extreme and diverse cases of personal / house issues. We offer a hands on service, delivered with understanding, care for the individual, advice, physical and psychological support and above all total client discretion.

As well as being professional cleaners we have many years experience in the care industry and offer a sympathetic approach to our work. We always work on a individual basis as well as (if applicable) the wider family, social services / local authority.

Common problems that arise when clearing a hoarded house include:

  • The sheer weight of possessions may cause a fire hazard, structural damage to floorboards and electrical and water services, creating trip and other hazards.
  • Hazardous and toxic materials may be present, which, when originally stored, were legal, but now require special handling. (e.g. Asbestos in a roof).
  • Often items of value are hidden among what appears to be rubbish. These require careful sorting and handling so that they can be handed back to the owner.
  • Animal hoarding – In cases where pets were present in large numbers, there may be additional health hazards present which require special treatment.
  • Body Fluids – Sadly in some circumstances a person has passed inside the property and the body remained undiscovered for some time and in this case we are able to remove any blood spills or fluids then eliminate any unpleasant odours remaining. Thus leaving the property in a hygienic and respectable condition.

We have all the necessary facilities to deal with such cases, and, just as in a normal clearance, we will make every effort to re-use and recycle all items recovered, in order to ensure that as little as possible is disposed of in authorized local authority waste disposal facilities.

We are always available to clear a house, loft, garage or other parts of the premises. Within a short time, any area requiring attention will be clean and tidy, and available for use.

In all cases of hoarding, whether compulsive, due to ill health or simply that a person can no longer cope with keeping their home environment clean & tidy, we will always guarantee our clients confidentiality. We are able to provide digital photos of household possessions and valuables to safeguard loss as a consequence of negligence or theft, especially in cases of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia where relatives may be located many miles from the property or overseas.


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Practitioner guidelines Section 33
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