What we do?


Before undertaking any work within your home  a free cleaning survey is carried out which consists of checking the carpet construction and fitting, checking for staining and ascertaining the best cleaning methods. I also run-through any requirements you may have and how’s best to complete the clean to ensure the least disruption to you and your home. This survey allows me to highlight any cleaning issues up front with you the customer.

I don’t believe in giving you unrealistic guarantees and expectations, just the best and most complete job I can provide.​

Services we provide?

Carpet cleaning

All your carpets will receive a 7 point extensive clean, leaving your home looking clean and smelling fresh. Using the latest types of rapid dry wet clean equipment means your carpets won’t be left sodden wet when finished.


Carpets are will normally be dry within 1 to 3 hours dependent on the type of carpet being cleaned.

The products I use break the bond between soils and whatever they are attached to. Dirt is suspended and is removed by rinse cleaning with only water. I can also use special deodorizers and products at the time of cleaning to remove unpleasant pet and other odours from your carpets for extended periods of time. Check out our cleaning processes to learn more about our machines, products and procedures.


Spot & Stain Removal

I have a range of different solutions and techniques for spot and stain removal. I will do my up most to exhaust all efforts and methods to remove stains. It is imperative though that there is an understanding that certain stains cannot be removed from carpets and fabrics.

My techniques have removed countless accidental stains from carpets, but there is never a guarantee that everything will come out. It is recommended that you don’t attempt to add chemicals to stains as this can sometimes lock stains into the carpet. In Certain situations advanced stain removal is required to alter the appearance of a stain, if this route is required we will always check with you 1st before proceeding.

Carpet Protection

I offer carpet protection for all carpet /rugs after they have been cleaned. Newly fitted carpets within a few days of being fitted can also be treated. The treatment gives you an extra form of protection should there be an accident whist we are away. This process will retard dirt and mildew from settling into your carpet and allow you to remove spillages and stains easier. This will make it easier for you to maintain until our next visit. Treatments last approx. a year and is recommended for wool and nylon carpets especially.

Low Moisture Cleaning

It is not always possible to wet clean a carpet or rooms which need to be used quickly so speedy drying times are essential. Therefore we can offer a low moisture carpet cleaning service for your carpets which involves pre vacuuming loose dirt, then mechanically agitating an eco-friendly encapsulation product into the carpet, after a dwell period and the product has dried the carpets simply vacuumed later to remove the encapsulated dirt. Please note this process is only recommended for light soiling or maintenance cleans on certain carpet types.


The service we provide, we feel gives you the best possible clean, avoiding those common carpet cleaning misconceptions:

1. The carpet will look brand new? – It is thoroughly impossible to restore carpet and fabric to its condition when first fitted.  Fibres go through wear and tear as well as soil and dirt exposure. With proper methods your home can be made clean and smell fresh, but anyone claiming to make it brand new or almost new is not being truthful. Carpet manufacturers recommend you should have your carpets cleaned annually or twice yearly to keep them in the best condition.

2. Aren’t all carpet cleaning companies are the same? – This is one of the biggest misconceptions there is.
The reality is, who you select is responsible for providing top notch service. It is the technician who is doing the work, not the machine. Personalized professional service is what we provide. It is similar to the difference between ordering fast food or dining out at your favourite family owned restaurant. There are many out there offering cheap carpet cleaning, but ask yourself are what products are being put on my carpet, are they insured and have proper training. Have they invested in their equipment?​

3. I can use cleaning agents and household products to clean up spots and stains myself? – Whilst this may be true in some extremely rare cases, the truth is there are damaging chemicals and solutions in household items,  DIY carpet stain removal can ruin your carpet, upholstery or rug. Professional cleaning agents have been tested and tried through a vigorous process before being made available for professional use.

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