Investing time and energy into your home to keep it clean is important, but how do we know what our home really needs? Here are five major signs that your carpets need a deep professional cleaning.


If you are seeing stains and discolorations on your carpets, this is a telltale sign they need a good cleaning. Food, wine, pet accidents, dirt, and more can cause unsightly marks on your carpet. While store-bought cleaners and home remedies may work to lift stains immediately after the occurrence, anything that’s more than a few days or even a few hours old can cause lasting damage. Even if you don’t see individual stains, you may start to notice that your carpets aren’t as bright as they once were. Move large furniture and compare the colors of the exposed and the hidden carpets. If they are even slightly off in color, get a professional cleaning.


No amount of aerosol spray or pluggable air fresheners are going to get rid of odors emanating from your carpet. Pets are a big offender here. Pet accidents can soak through the carpet to the padding beneath, meaning that even if you lifted the stain, evidence of your pet’s accident remains detectable to your nose. If you are smelling musty or stale smells coming from your carpet, it’s definitely time to get them cleaned.

Wear & Tear

Maybe your carpets don’t have any particular stained spots and there aren’t any odors. That doesn’t mean you’re good to go. Carpets get worn over time; fibers get matted down, and you may start thinking of replacing your old carpet entirely. Before you do, try getting it cleaned. It’s amazing what a little love and attention can do for your floors. The ground literally weighs down carpet fibers so when the dirt is removed, the fibers spring back to life. A good cleaning can do more than you’d expect for worn out carpet.


When allergies take a turn for the worse, most people would rush to the doctor, but you should really be rushing to call LCCS to schedule a carpet cleaning. Allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and pet dander can get trapped deep in the fibers of your carpet where regular vacuuming wont reach. A full carpet clean can eliminate these allergens from your home and leave you feeling fresher and happier.


If you can’t remember the last time you had the carpets cleaned, it’s definitely time for it now. New homeowners should have a professional cleaning before moving in and current homeowners should have a regular schedule for carpet maintenance. Once a year is a good time span for a home with average traffic and use. If you have large dogs, kids, or entertain a lot, it may be better to call in the pros twice a year.

5 Signs Your Carpets Need To Be Cleaned

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